“My hustle includes maintaining my independence in all ways and not being afraid to take losses or risks if that means I will reach my end goal. I set high goals for myself and work hard to reach them even if that means long nights. I stay grounded through struggle and I am not afraid to do everything that I need to do independently even if that means leaving people behind when I don’t want to. I stay on top of everything to the best of my abilities and am always finding new ways to expand and grow even when it gets tough and I fail or hit rock bottom I make sure to keep a strong mind and build myself back up. Maintaining a strong mentality is very important to me and I don’t let anyone else define that. Lastly, I do a lot of what I see others won’t do. I’m willing to shed blood, sweat and tears to make it to the top not only for myself but for both my family and the community I serve others to the best of my ability as a therapist citizen and friend and try to take it all that life brings on to me good or bad even when I shouldn’t. I seek out opportunities and I’m not afraid to maximize on them.” @heaven.beam

“The best way I can describe my hustle is that it is for those who came before me and those who will come after me. I talk about mental health — or psychological well being, as I prefer to call it — because it is something we as African Americans have traditionally excluded in conversations about health. I don’t blame our ancestors for not talking about problems - we are a resilient people, with lots of intergenerational trauma and constant hurdles to overcome. 

More importantly, we have professionals who either ignore us in general, or implement practices that do not acknowledge our unique context or culture. My hustle is to change that narrative, to blend culture and context into discussions about psychological well-being, and use our unique culture to define how we perceive, address and treat mental health problems.” @siiddartha

“I basically keep grinding because of how my parents raised me. My goal is to be able to make a lasting impression on everyone I come into contact with. That’s basically what my hustle looks like.” @lady_sarge

“We SELL ART NOT DRUGS! Helping people to explore their creativity more and possibly make money from it as well we run a fully functional art gallery and creative space, host many events and do a lot for the community.” @sellart.notdrugs

“Because my hustle doesn’t stop I went from making not even 20k to 47 in 5 months. Moved on a whim to relocate for a job because I’m finally at a place where I’m ready for all this growth. So working hard is all I know at this point I always tell ppl you can live as great as a life as you wanna but you must work hard.” @shootingwitnsixela

“My #blkhstl is an office job Monday-Friday 9-6p, with some house calls on the side to try to build clientele because I'm also a licensed massage therapist. My #blkhstl is long days at work and to reward myself with my passion of dance at night when I can. I take dance classes. I teach dance classes, mainly hip hop and lyrical. I love performing with the company in with. So I'll say my #blkhstl looks like a blessing, bc being fortunate enough to even have a #blkhstl” @darclikeno1swatchn 

“My hustle looks like, putting kids first. Trusting that god will always allow this hustler to be blessed through giving back and leading by example. My faith is my hustle!” @pughsanity 

“I am a business development manager for up and rising commercial roofing company that’s minority owned. I’m a part time sports and lifestyle model that has been published on Nike, Addidas and express for men, and I’m also a entrepreneur in the E-Commerce platform. I am a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc. and through our alumni chapter continue to give back to the community by mentoring adjudicated youth in the Portland area.” @trobertson_06

“As a teacher..... My salary is not enough being that a lot of my money goes into the classroom and our students. I started @kelzzcooking catering as side hustle to make more money. I also hire my students as my workers to help out to make extra money to buy stuff they need and teach them the value of working hard.” @kelzzzzzzz_32

“My hustle lies in the kitchen! Primarily I work full time at a hotel in the greater LA area. However, my heart is in my business A Teaspoon Of Heaven! I make custom cakes, dessert tables, plated desserts, and more! Due to me juggling both sometimes I’ll be up baking for 18 hours at a time. I’ll do 8-10 hours at work and come home to do the same thing to fulfill my orders. I know this is my purpose to bring positivity and love to people and my community through my craft. So I try to do atleast one good deed to give back with nothing in return every month. I love what I do and I’m going to keep hustlin  until I get what I want! Thank you for considering me! And good luck to all the other hustlers nominated!” @yanabeefree 

“I was raised by hardworking parents and several hardworking aunts. I apply these lessons to my career as an artist and artrepreneur. They taught me the definition of hustling. My artwork focuses on black excellence to promote positive self esteem and awareness in the black community. I attend various art shows daily, painted murals, created logos, and build a community of clients through my business ‘Jasmin Manning Art & Design.’ I have also spoken with kids and teens at schools to promote entrepreneurship. I want young black artists after me to be able to study my art and work ethic to succeed as black entrepreneurs and to understand that they have opportunities in this world.” @jart21

“From the outside looking in, I don’t think one would be able to recognize my hustle. I hustle from the background. I don’t look for recognition when I work hard or give back. Amazingly, other recognize you even when you try to hide. Just this year alone, I’ve managed to wake up at 5 am and hit the gym by 6am done by 7am. After the gym I return home and work on my orders for color stains. I started Color Stains just last summer where I make tie dye creations.” @avec_ou_contre_moi

“My hustle is driven by my two year old daughter, Genesis Olivia.  I had a dream to move to New York in 2015 and pursue a career in music and theater performance.  As a native of a small town in Kansas, this dream was a far reach and from the looks of it, unattainable.  I didn’t have the money or family support to pursue this dream because my Mother single-handedly raised me and provided all of my needs growing up. I didn’t want to let this stop me, so I found another way.   Our community in the Kansas City area has an up and coming arts scene in which I was able to sing and perform all over the area. In short, my community believed in me and supported my GoFund Me campaigned called “Taking a Bite of the Big Apple”.  I raised the money to move to New York and set off to follow my dreams in the Fall of 2015.  Once I arrived in New York, I faced a couple of challenges…I now work Full Time from home for a Computer Software company making a great career and providing for my daughter as a single mother, just the way my Mother did. Everyone has a different definition for hustle, and mine is: never take No for an answer.

My dreams are alive now more than ever, because my struggle showed me that I have strengths in other areas.  God has given me a little blessing that fuels my drive to keep reaching for success in as many different areas as I can find it.  My time in New York has expanded my horizons to such great lengths, and I am proud to say I made it through.” @linnaiachemise

“My hustle is everyday it consists of me teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. I am an elementary school teacher and I have the honor of teaching young beautiful black and brown children. I am constantly thinking of these students and thinking of new ways to foster their learning whether analyzing data or teaching them how to engage in cognitively guided instruction. My hustle feeds my soul it moves my body and tickles my students funny bone. I am forever grateful for this powerful position.” @bevvybooo

“Im a choreographer, producer, and the artistic director of the Jewelry Box Society of Dancers. I commute back and forth from ATL to Jacksonville, Fl working for many different artists, companies, studios, events, and more. I model as well and continuously take class to keep my skills sharpened. Now that ive moved to Atlanta I want to get more involved in the entertainment industry and acting as well. Working towards my dreams so they pay for my reality.” @king_sh3

“My hustle looks like a lot of work, but more prayer. More so based on faith and believing that what God has for me, is truly for me. My hustle looks like sharing the wins with my family & friends, cause at the end of the day, I want us all to win. Not worrying about who’s going to make it out the neighborhood first, but knowing that the world is ours and we can gain all successes together.” @kevamichelle2511

“My hustle comes from me wanting to make the world happy with my food. Food bring automatic happiness and I want to share that with others I want others to know food isn’t just food it’s art. Every piece of food is a canvas for me! From a hot dog to filet mignon ☺️” @sugamamas__

“I recently graduated from Miami University with a B.A. in Psychology and Business Management. I currently work at Allstate’s headquarters as a learning and development analyst. Assisting with the training and programs for employees, company wide. I am apart of Allstate’s leadership development program, meaning every year, for the next three years, I will rotate to a new role and department. Outside of work I am an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.” @slnk_samantha

“Service and Self-Love” @boycottbrittany

“My hustle is motivating the youth to wanna get a job and take care of home I work as a truck driver and also home health aid also starting my own clothing line Strength love and money” @zoo_fredo

“This page was made to provide daily motivation to people to help them start their day. No matter what I live by the phrase that helped me start this page and that is “NEVER STOP GOING IN” Whatever you do, do it with high energy and the utmost enthusiasm to reach success. Life is hard as hell and we all have to face our struggles and push through to get to the other side!” @rawammotivation 

“Dreams doesn’t work unless we do.. I go to the boxing gym and grind hard everyday. GOTTA BE GREAT!” @_peoples_champ

“I nominate @mustbthemonette! She’s about to Cross the finish line at Tulane Univ. to receive her Doctorate in Public Health, she’s also one of the few Gate Millennium Scholars #BeautyAndBrains #Wholepackage”

“Grinding hard and hustling is in my blood, I know nothing else. Not only doI work with children throughout Baltimore, as a dance teacher in a middle school, 2 dance studios, and churched, I started my own dance company @kianaebonedance. I am the co-founder of @brillianceinblack, an organization that promotes and supports the black community, through scholarships, donations, business development, and events. this summer I finally got back to performing booking 2 new dance gigs! I don’t know how I do it, but it gets done. My purpose is so much bigger than me so I gotta hustle, bc if I drop the ball, Im failing so much more than myself.” @daance_ki 




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