BLKHSTL: What is your hustle?

Austin Claiborne: My hustle has been working four jobs in the sports industry (and two other part time gigs) over the past year in order to get enough experience to get a full time job in the field I’ve been dreaming about since I was kid. So I currently work part time with the Raiders, Athletics, Warriors and Cal Athletics here in the Bay Area and even did some work at In-N-Out and a Ticketing company to make some more money on the side. 

BH: What gets you up every day to work in your purpose?

AC: What gets me up every day is working in the field I dreamed about growing up and the support I get from my family. They push me every day and so I grind knowing that what they sacrificed for me is paying off.

BH: Why do you hustle?

AC: I hustle in my field because it’s not easy for many people to get full time jobs and make it in this field, especially for black men and women. I hustle not only to build up my experience but also to show kids from back home that as a person of color playing isn’t the only way you have to work sports, we’re more than just athletes. 

BH: What barriers have you overcome on your journey to success?

AC: On my journey to success I’ve overcome the obstacle of being one of few black men in my field which is tough when you don’t have other professionals that look like you to strive towards. Even when I was in high school, the only people who pushed me and believed I could make it in this career was my family since the only time people insinuate working in sports for black boys is usually by playing it.

BH: What advice would you give to a fellow BLKHSTLR?

AC: The advice I would give to my fellow BLKHSTLR is to never allow someone else to dictate your dream. If you want something, go after it and don’t ever let anyone stop you. Don’t allow the challenges and obstacles in your life define you, but rather allow it to make you stronger. If you do that you will be hustling in your dream job in no time.



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