BLKHSTL: What is your hustle?

Ayla Goodson: My hustle is a little bit of everything. I am a fitness studio owner (hustlin' fitness studios for people to look good and feel good),  a published author (hustlin' books), Mentor (hustlin' self esteem), Motivational Speaker (hustlin' encouragement and motivation), Pole Fitness Instructor (hustlin' bold statements and self confidence), Fitness Motivator/Trainer (hustlin' healthy living), and Life Coach (hustlin' goal setting and accomplishing).

BH: What gets you up every day to work in your purpose?

AG: Every hustle that I have encourages and motivates people. I love being able to inspire someone, anyone for that matter.  When people tell me how much I inspire and motivate them, that is my purpose for doing what I do each and everyday.

BH: Why do you hustle?

AG: I hustle so that I won't have to hustle for anyone else's goals and dreams.  I hustle to show other people that whatever you put your mind to is possible.  I hustle to encourage that one person that thinks that they can't just to reassure them that they can.

BH: What barriers have you overcome on your journey to success?

AG: I am a Type 1 Diabetic, I was diagnosed at the age of 18. Everyday is a struggle to make the right choices when it comes to my health. But I never allow that to slow me down. Of course the fear of the unknown has a tendency to creep in. But just really believing in the plan God has for my life, and having unwaivering faith helps me to overcome whatever obstacles that are thrown my way. 

BH: What advice would you give to a fellow BLKHSTLR?

AG: Keep going no matter what. Always keep a positive motivating group of people in your corner.  Always attract positive energy. Remember, what you THINK you BECOME. 

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