BLKHSTL: What is your hustle?

Craig Mitchell: By day I’m an Account Executive at Translation LLC. My side hustles are Voice-acting, event Host/MC, Freelance marketing consultant through brand strategy, creative ideation & experiential production.

BH: What gets you up every day to work in your purpose? 

CM: God and being curious to what he wants me to do that day. God called us to be vessels with our gifts to give back. Knowing I can be used helps get me up.

BH: Why do you hustle?

CM: I hustle for my family name, my well being and the ones that need to go further after our time is up.

BH: What barriers have you overcome on your journey to success?

CM: The biggest barrier was after being laid off and being rejected financial aid to continue my education. I had to move back home to St. Louis. God had different plans for me. Going home provided a way for me to reset my priorities and for long time desirable opportunities to open up. Nothing but God and a praying Mother. 

BH: What advice would you give to a fellow BLKHSTLR?

Give more than you receive. It applies for everything.

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