@_youngfreshman_ "My hustle looks like...waking up every morning at 6am to a smoothie before hitting the gym. Once I leave there, I'm in meetings with corporate sponsors, city councilman and entrepreneur/creatives to ensure we are uplifting the underrepresented/underserved communities. Each day is dedicated to bringing more light to each initiative under my nonprofit organization from our run club, homeless outreach program, access to healthy food program to our passport ambassador program and yoga/meditation program at local high schools starting this fall semester."

@kei.ara "I am Juris Doctor and can remember attending a conference my first year of law school where and older black attorney spoke of the importance of having 7 streams of income. Immediately after that event I began my mission to have 7 hustles essentially. And so:

1) I work for a law firm

2) I work for a  legal agency doing legal review of data breaches

3) I’ve taken careful time to carve out my own solo practice

4) In partnership with my father I run our family business, which was started by him

5) I formed an LLC, got into e-commerce and began an online jewelry

6) On the weekends I work for my grandfathers company aka our other family business

I’m now on the mission to find my 7th stream of income aka hustle."

@justin.lamarr "My hustle started while working as a social media manager for DreamWorks. During that time I decided to take my passion for music and apply it to marketing by doing some freelance work for artists. After a family tragedy in October, I decided to leave my job and start my own marketing agency for artists, pursuing my passions of music and digital marketing full time.

Uptown Access Creative Group officially launched in February of 2019, and my life has been a rollercoaster since. I’ve gained some amazing clientele through approaching everything with a relationship first, money secondary mentality. My day to day hustle now consists of waking up at 5 AM, praying, a daily yoga routine of 30 minutes, checking and replying to emails, and I’m off from there. For the rest of the day I’m either meeting with clients, in the studio with artists, or creating social media content for the company itself.

I’ve also began traveling pretty frequently to attend music conferences, festivals, or concerts to meet new artists. In addition to this, I utilize high school students for the company’s intern program as I believe in giving the youth in my community as many chances to learn early as possible."

@vincentsullivan_ "My hustle looks like this, I'm a barber/groomer... every day I'm up at 6 AM,  getting my mind right.. getting to work every day at 8 am. While other barbershops do not open their doors until 9:30-10 , I get to the shop at 8am to open the doors and start work , early bird gets the worm , especially on the weekends. Sometimes may not leave the shop until 7/8 PM.. off days my schedule is open to do house calls , always working. Always figure out different ways to promote my brand."

@datsmy_que_t "My hustle as a wife, mother, employee and entrepreneur. I work part time as an outreach coordinator at a local Cancer Association. I have my own business @shopsweetembrace where I handmade pre-tied headwrap Turbans and headbands for women of all aged (newborns to adults), on top of that my job as a wife and a mother to our 1 year old is 24/7. My motto is it’s gotta get done so just do it."

@sunnydnyc "I’m a full time men’s hairstylist by day. At night, I’m an editor & founder of styling agency & brand @groomguy. It’s my passion to properly inform readers & help men to enhance their daily routine thru proper grooming practices. My other hustle includes being a freelance writer for other publications."

@wizkalisa "My hustle looks persistent. I am a creator. I am the owner of a handmade cosmetics line, which I personally hand make the products. I remain consistent with the marketing and advertising. I am an author. I have two children books which are available on my website, Amazon, amazon kindle, and Barnes and Noble website. I am also embarking on my own brand of clothing. I am so excited because it allows me to tap into my creative side. With all of those things going on, I have managed to obtain my bachelors degree, masters degree, and a year away from my doctorate degree. I believe in staying dedicated and consistent. If I say I’m going to do it, I will. I also believe in being a foot soldier for my small businesses so with any chance I get, I’m excited to share. Thank you for the opportunity."

@t_muzik_d "My name is Terry Dunn. I wouldn’t describe what I do as a hustle, it’s more of a passion. I play music with the Big Easy Brawlers and I’ve recently released my own shoe. Being from New Orleans you have to find a way to stay positive. I did just that, I used our culture and turned it into my everyday lifestyle!"

@bodyup_bossup "My hustle looks like fitting in work whenever I'm not busy being a mama of two future lady hustlers. I own a wellness business and wellness blogger. I help families eat more whole foods, live healthier and want to create a space where people can learn how to live a less toxic lifestyle."


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