“I’m a former Pro golfer turned Permanent Makeup Professional in the Houston area. We specialize in all permanent makeup including 3-D Microblading. In just 2 years we have grown to a multi-million dollar company and we just launched our new product line as well.” @sheplaysgolf

“My hustle is working 6 days a week — 12-16 hours a day to ensure that my clients have the best of the best. By the best I mean I’m able to deliver great quality service, while I’m preparing even better quality cuisine. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up knowing how to hustle from my family; I started in the family business at 12...so hustling is in my blood. It’s all I know how to do. I take pride my work ethic and value every skill I’ve acquired. Like they say, “the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” I live by that, because I am living proof. I’ve always had the dream, I just work my butt off to achieve it everyday!” @auntie.nats

“On my journey to success I’ve overcome the obstacle of being one of few black men in my field which is tough when you don’t have other professionals that look like you to strive towards. Even when I was in high school, the only people who pushed me and believed I could make it in this career was my family since the only time people insinuate working in sports for black boys is usually by playing it.” @claib0rne


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  • I love your products and your hustle !! Can’t wait to see new and up coming clothes !! Don’t stop 😁😁😁💯

    Aunty jess

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